Medoc Marathon Sunday Walk

Having worked in just about every job ever (well according to my grandparents!), and going to uni as a ‘mature’ student I final found something that I enjoyed. WINE. So following some more studying; WSET Beginner to Diploma, half an MBA in Wine Business and an MA in Food and Wine Culture, I finally landed a job in the industry. So now I spend most of my days researching new products, writing wine labels and trying to convince my bosses of the need to use social media.

When I started studying I knew very little about wine and this is where the idea for this blog came from. I wanted to share my journey from the very bottom to somewhere above amateur connoisseur (some years off I know). My posts cover a variety of topics but will hopefully all have wine in common.

In my spare time I write this blog, attend wine tastings, make the most of wine tourism venues around the world and I like to walk. A lot. I walk marathons around the world and try to tie them in with wine where possible. Although having registered for the Medoc Marathon twice and both times been injured before the event I’m starting to think that that one is jinxed! But I still go along for the wine, food, partying and of course to support my poor husband who still has to run them.

I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to comment on any of the posts.

Favourite grape variety – Sémillon. Because without Sauternes or Barsac the world would be a grim place indeed.

Favourite wine region – Languedoc. The food, the great value wines and I just love driving through the carpet of vines heading in from the coast.

Sample policy
– Samples will be accepted but this in no way guarantees their inclusion in any post that I write.
– If I decide to comment on a sample I will try to remain positive and will not write negatively about
samples or write about ones that appear to be faulty. I will however declare this to the source.
– All samples will be declared within the post that they feature.
– I will link back to the source of the sample in each post.
– Samples will be written about within the context of the blog/post.

For further information or address details please contact me at karen@learningtodrink.co.uk or through my Twitter or Facebook accounts.

All opinions, no matter how mad, are my own.

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